Items for Sale: Original Art

art aspire

Foaming with subtle tones bursting forth, little sparks finding the light. Original art, acrylic 24“Hx18“W framed.
Art in exhibit, please contact me for availability and price.

Energy Flow - Free standing screen
Screen Energy Flow

Energy and flow across screens of four acrylic sheets that are hand painted with a free from top edge. Sculptured top highlights the movement suggested by the painting of the structure. It stands 7’ tall and each section is 2’ wide and can extend to 7’. Connected by industrial polished chrome hinges. It can convert into a square and sit on a black high gloss base. This piece was in the Austin Visual Arts Association juried show at the Dougherty Art Center.

Blazing Sky
art Blazing Sky2

There is nothing like a Western setting sun. 18“Hx24“W Framed original art, acrylic on canvas.
Art in exhibit, please contact me for availability and price.


Red poppies, bright and cheerful on a sunny green background. Oil 12“Hx12“W in black & gold recessed frame.

Tink - Sea Shore series

Single little sea bird in a shallow surf. Acrylic 9“Hx12“W in natural wood frame. Painted at an art fair, where a young attendee thought it should be named Tink.

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