Items for Sale: Original Art

River Way at Twilight
River Way   twilight

Glorious sunset at the end of a river. Inspired by trips to national forests and parks.
Acrylic on 12×12×2 on gallery wrapped canvas. 12×12×1.5

Fall Harvesters
Fall Harvesters

American Goldfinches come in the spring to check out the area then go off to the woods to raise the young. In the fall the whole family comes back to harvest the sunflower seeds. They are very elusive and hard to photograph and would never stay long enough to be able to paint. Acrylic 24 h x 30 w.

Little Frizzle - Sold
Little Frizzel

I love the Hill Country locals. Frizzles are part Silky and part Polish. This one is friendly and good company. Acrylic 8×10

Lazy Afternoon - Sold
Lazy Afternoon

Only very happy dogs will flop over like this. This original is a Heinz 58 mix or sheep dog, no one knows for sure. The subtle background is used here to focus on the dog and nothing else. It is an acrylic painting, 24 w x 18 h and ready for a new home.

Hello Little Chauchan
chauchan monkey

There was a request for animals from the zoo, so here is a Little Chauchan. He is a small acrylic, 9×12. This original is temporarily on loan in an exhibit that will end in May, and then can be shipped.

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