Items for Sale: Original Art

Early Morning Rise
Morining Light

Inspired by a trip to Taos north of Santa Fe. There was snow and the scent of wood fires under that blue blue sky.
18H x 24W

Pause at Vastness
Hughes Pause at Vastness

Getting to the Rocky Mountains is a journey and a half because the mountains can be seen from so far away, it’s just getting there under that incredible blue sky that takes so long. And along the way there are vistas to delight the soul.
Oil 16H x20W

Breath In the Wild
Breath In the Wild

Elk crossing the river at sunset. I came across this scene and had to just stand and watch, it was so exciting to see this small band and peaceful at the same time. Small oil, 14×11.

Creek Bed
creek bed

Thinking of nature, the walks of the past and where I want to go in the future, I pulled out photos. This was probably taken at Enchanted Rock. This small oil is 11”×14”

Willow City Loop Pasture
Williow City Loop

The best time to see Bluebonnets in Texas is in the spring and one special place is the Willow City Loop. This is a small oil from one of my excursions. It is Oil and 8×10.

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