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Furniture Collection

‘Bow Back Chair’ and ‘Bench of Peppers’ were painted in hot Texas colors! They can be purchased for the Old Bakery & Emporium, 1006 Congress Ave.or from the Website.

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cat blue Day 22   Cliff Shore Coffee I
Blue just showed up while I was working on the Wild Scape series, and was adopted soon after. Coastal villages have always intrigued me and here is Coffee I! See the rest of the series on the 30 Day Challenge to the left.

The Art Stores have Art available for sale under each catagory.

See Original Art in Art for sale or Original Art.
See commissioned and past works in the Galleries.
Some prints and giclees are available. Please contact me.

Knott Garden can customizes your furniture, see examples in Other fun things.

Discuss your mural or floor cloth ideas, you’ll be surprised how easy the design process goes.

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