I work out of my home studio in Austin, where I paint on stretched canvas. This is mostly in acrylics, mixed media, oils and Encaustics, it depends on the subject matter and how patient I am feeling.

My formal education was in Interior Design, and I studied with several well know artist in England and the Netherlands, frequented art museums, and many historical sites throughout Europe. This is when I started painting on canvas and creating wall murals.

With a growing clientele I started my own art business and named it after the charming geometric ‘knot gardens’ of England, and my remarkable Great Grandmother Anna Knott Cobb.

Since moving to Austin I have concentrated on canvas paintings. I still travel to paint wall murals and ship the floor cloth just about anywhere.

Memberships include; Artist Association of the Hill Country, Austin Visual Art Society, Austin Encaustic, Capitol Art Society, and Old Bakery and Emporium.

award Kay Hughes, designer & artist – ‘Having fun in Austin’

Contact me at 512.573.8177 or use the Contact form for appointments or show listings.


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