I work out of my home studio working with acrylics, mixed media, watercolors and oils, it depends on the subject matter and how patient I am feeling. Watercolors are a new addition to my art work.

My formal education was in Interior Design, but my first love was painting. I studied with several well know artist in England and the Netherlands, frequented art museums, and many historical sites throughout Europe to learn more about art and painting. I now paint on canvas, paper and walls to create murals.

Since moving to Texas I have concentrated on painting and promoting visual art. I still travel to paint wall murals and ship the floor cloth just about anywhere. The Hill Country and surrounding area intrigue me and that is the direction of my art now.

Memberships; Capitol Art Society, Creative Art Society, Wimberley Art League, San Marcos Art League and other local groups.
2011 to 2021 I created and curated the Art Gallery at the Old Bakery and Emporium, Congress Avenue across from the Capitol.
At present I paint, hike, travel, garden, cook and hold fast to my friends.

award Kay Hughes, designer & artist

Contact me at 512.573.8177 or use the Contact form for appointments or show listings.


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