04/19/15 | Tote Bag Painting - Workshop

Print Canvas Bags - Original prints on totes, see prints

Wednesday, May 13th, 10:30- 4:00 p.m. Personalize your own Tote Bag workshop! For more details and you can contact me at Kay@knottgarden.com or register and pay if you would like to join in on the fun, just $18. Totes, paints and markers provided. If you want to embellish your tote bag, please bring your decorative trim and adhesive.

Come when you can and work at your own pace. Register by May 10th please. $18 a piece. Register now at Art for sale

02/19/15 | Color- Be Not Afraid - Workshop

Big Country - Commission: Portable murals for Dining Room arches. Acrylic on wood.

What colors have you always loved?
What colors; do you love to wear, and see in your familys surroundings?

Come to the friendly, non-threating, workshop and leave confident in your choices and possible changes. Bring photos of you in your favorite outfits, your home, bring glossy magazines and pictures of your favorite color schemes if you can.

Workshops: 2 opportunities – Wednesday, March 11th 10-1:00 and again at 2-5:00
To sign up, visit: http://www.butterflygallerytx.com/classes

01/29/15 | Pose Froggies

Ultra contras of color with critters who usually blend into the background. These happy little frogs are giving you their best smiles. I am enjoying doing the bright cheerful series, it’s a great way to loosen up and let the art flow. Small 12×12 acrylic.

01/28/15 | Dog Pose

pose dog

On the lighter side and back to acrylics for poses. This is the first and it is a feisty little dog exuding great determination, you can tell by the stance. I love the wind blowing in his hair and the highlight colors. 12×12 Gallery wrapped.

01/22/15 | Painting Challange- Breath In the Wild

Breath In the Wild

Elk crossing the river at sunset, inspired from a Yellowstone trip. I came across this scene and had to just stand and watch, it was so exciting to see this small band and peaceful at the same time. Small oil, 14×11.

01/18/15 | Creek Bed

creek bed

Thinking of nature, the walks of the past and where I want to go in the future, I pulled out photos. This was probably taken at Enchanted Rock. This small oil is 11”×14”. Contact me if you are interested.

12/22/14 | Floorcloth Demo & Workshop

Wednesday, January 28th 12:00-4:00 Come to the Demo and Demo-Workshop. Dripping Springs at the Butterfly Gallery. To register Floorcloth Demo and/or Demo-Workshop

12/08/14 | Tote Bag Painting - Workshop

Holiday Red Totes - Hand painted tote bags

Workshop -Thursday, December 11th 10-12 and 6-8 “Paint on a Holiday Tote Bag” workshop! Sign up on the website www.butterflygallerytx.com for more details and you can register and pay if you would like to join in on the fun, just $12.

11/19/14 | EAST Studio Tour

2014 east

EAST Studio Tour
November 15-16th & 22-23rd, 11-6
At Link & Pin, 2235 E 6th, #102

cover wall

11/09/14 | Rainbarrel News

Bird Bath 3

Painting and Nature : Rain Barrel Auction

Painted furniture has always intrigued me and here is another, Bird Bath, painted on a rain barrel for the Rainwater Revival program. Auctioned on October 25th. The proceeds go to to Hill Country schools for rainwater catchment and/or water conservation educational projects.
See results at http://rainwaterrevival.com/rain-barrel-art
10/25 LizD persevered and won the auction. Thank you, Kathleen who started the bidding, with LizD and Roxanne going back and forth. The Bird Bath had the top dollar intake for this great organization, and it was a pleasure to contribute my art.


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