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A few days after moving into my home studio a frog jumped out of a cupboard. With surprise and delight I decided that was an auspicious beginning to my art studio. It was deposited in the garden and I painted till dusk.

My medium is usually acrylic, but I like to mix it up sometimes and include papers, gels, oils, encaustics and objects in my art. Depending on the context of the work I use brushes; palette knifes or rags to achieve the effect that the finished piece needs. The combination of abstract with realistic aspects within one work is a direction that I have been going for a while. There seems to be a more connective process going on with the viewer.

Painting for me is what I perceive and view based on all that has gone before in my life. A glance, a flicker of light before it becomes a blink, that vision is stored. It will attach to some random part of my brain and at times come forward with a memory or feeling. Inevitably a few of those ‘one time moment’ prompts me to continue envisioning, to persevere, and to share concepts with others.

In 2000 I started painting in the U.S. in earnest. Upon moving to Austin I donated time to paint a mural at Marbridge Ranch, a care facility in Manchaca. There was an article in the Austin Women Magazine August 2005 edition, and an article of my work was in the Austin Home & Living magazine January/February 2006 issue.


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