Custom Order Information

Canvases and Ordering Information
The ordering process is described below. Please contact us at:
Knott Garden
512-573-8177 or

All work is done on high quality canvas. Each piece is prepared and hand painted. Please keep in mind that all hand painted floor cloths and portable murals can never be exactly duplicated, but that each piece is unique. Multiple coats of clear finish are applied to floor cloths to insure long wear and easy cleaning. Floor cloths can be cleaned with a damp cloth. When storing, roll the canvas, paint side out, never fold or bend. At shipping time, canvas floor cloths and hangings are rolled, and all items are shipped in cardboard containers.

We try to ensure the best quality material and workmanship, while keeping uniformity in color as depicted in the catalogue. Upon receiving an item, please inspect it. We recommend that a thin non-slip material be used under the floor cloths, especially in high traffic areas.

Catalogue items:
In stock pieces listed in ‘Items for Sale’ will be shipped within a week of receiving the order and completed payment transaction. The preparation and completion of a canvas not in stock and shipping will be 3-4 weeks.

We make every effort to produce a high quality canvas works, however if for some reason you do not want to keep the catalogue item, please contact us about for the process of returns. No damaged items will be accepted. A 20% restocking fee will be charged. The customer is responsible for return shipping and cost. Refunds will be made at the time the item is restocked.

Special Order items:
Change of color or size of pieces in ‘Items for Sale’ or gallery items.
Size change might alter the image if the new requested dimensions are not proportional to the original design. Please contact us to discuss the completed work and any price change. A 50% deposit is required to start the piece. When the painting is completed a picture will be sent be email. Upon your approval the balance due will be applied. Floor cloths will be clear coated. Allow 3-6 weeks for the making and delivery the item. There are no rush special orders as paint must be allowed to dry properly.

Color matching means that a color sample or samples must be supplied by you, the customer. Please contact us to discuss the work and the price of the completed item. All samples must be mailed with a $50 non-refundable deposit payment. A color match sample will be mailed back to you, and your okay and balance of payment in full is required before the project is begun. When the design is painted a picture of the completed piece will be emailed to you for approval. With approval floor cloths are clear coated. Allow 3-6 weeks for the making and delivery of the item after the final payment is received. All Special Orders with color change are non-refundable and sales are final.

Custom Orders:
We welcome the opportunity to create unique canvas works to fit your needs. Please contact us to discuss your proposed project. A $60 per hour design fee will be charged for all drawings and color matching, this is applied to the custom order when commissioned. We endeavor to make the order and design process as uncomplicated as possible. During the design discussion , you have full control of the ultimate design. A final drawing is submitted to you with an agreement. The agreement must be signed and returned with payment in full, before the project is begun. All Custom Orders are non-refundable, and all sales are final. Allow 4-6 weeks for the making and delivery the item after the agreement is signed and/or payment in full is received. There are no rush custom orders as paint must be allowed to dry properly.

Note: All major changes to agreed upon piece of art will constitute a change order and could incur additional billing.


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