Items for Sale: Watercolor and Pen & Ink

And Me
20220922 133652

Dachshund being shy an waiting to fine a new home. on archival paper, 14×11 matted.

Lazy Dog Day
20220928 142042

Original watercolor art, Dachshund who is ready for a belly rub. 14×11 on archival paper and matted.

On The Go
20220927 100247

Original watercolor, 11×14 on archival paper with matt. One foot is on the ground and this little fellow is moving and smiling.

Me too!
20220922 173608

Dachshunds are not only good fun for races, but great companions. This little guy is a watercolor 14×11 original painting on archival paper and matted.

Standing Tall - SOLD
Standing tall 2

Roadrunner series began when a persistent roadrunner appeared in the side yard. He just wanted to blend into his surrounds, but he captured my attention and my lens. So the series began. The watercolor series is mounted on wood cradles. The is a really fast moving bird. 9×12

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