Items for Sale: Floor cloths

Floor Cloth, Bouquet Garni - Sold
Bouquet Garni - 23x33 approx.
Recipe for bouquet garni for fish, meat or chicken

Recipe for Bouquet Garni where it is easy to find, Size 23“x33”

Floor Cloth, Oriental Blue - SOLD
fc_blue_wb - Floor cloth, Oriental Blue

Blue and white colors in oriental pattern, Size 26“x44”

Floor Cloth, Stone Patio
Floor cloth, Sandstone Small - Size 20x30

Natural stones to form rug, Size 25×35

Floor Cloth - Indian Blanket - SOLD
fc indianrug

Western American Indian pattern, Bright red center design. Size 26×33

Floor Cloth, Indian Rug Gold
Indian Blanket, Gold - 26x33

Western American Indian pattern, Size 26×33

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