Items for Sale: Encaustic Art

Paper Series - Sprung
enc paper sprung

Black & White Series – Sprung, handmade paper and copper wires on black encaustic. 18×24 with black recessed frame.

Ruffles and Star

Encaustic Art 10”×10”×1.75” Ruffles of embedded metal radiator parts, with gallery wrap presentation.

Ruffles Series with Edge

Encaustic Art 18”×18×2”, embedded metal from a radiator. Gallery wrap presentation

Ruffles Series 1

Encaustic Art 18”×18”×2” Embedded metal radiator called ruffles after wax and metallic paint being applied. Gallery wrap presentation

Car Series - Dodge Truck

View of the inside and out of a wonderful orange truck in Austin. Mounted on a 18×24 inch board in encaustics and part of the Vintage Car series. In black recessed frame.

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